AMPRO @ LDI 2013


AMPRO @ LDI 2013

2013-12-09 AMPRO was present at the LDI SHOW, for the second consecutive year.

It’s booth, located on one of the main corridors, attracted tons of attention and was massively visited.
In this excellent opportunity, among the most renowned lighting designers and companies around the world, AMPRO presented some of their latest news.

The ION SERIES, the star of the stand, is composed of a high performance console such as the ION MASTER, plus a full range of moving heads, covering all applications.

The ION 132B was one of the most outstanding developments of the brand. This new beam moving head has a SIRIUS ® OSRAM 132W lamp. Its design is very compact and its speed is amazing. Also its lens further optimizes the light source and achieves a defined and sharp beam.

On the edge of spot moving heads, the ION 150S RGBW was the breaking news. With a RGBW LED it achieves a unique color mixture, while respecting the design/performance principles of the ION SERIES.

Outside the line of moving heads, the HandyPAR showed that it is now possible to make a comprehensive light design without wires or ties. This small and powerful wash light has 6 tricolor 3W LEDs, Wireless DMX –powered by Wireless Solution®- and it is also battery powered, achieving a range of approximately 8 hours.

Finally, another line of products that achieved a biggest stir was the COB Series. The MatrixCOB Lite and the BarCOB 4 were present at the booth, generating an eye-candy hypnosis on every atendee.
The first is a versatile matrix panel that allows pixel by pixel control and has an outstanding brightness thanks to its 9W COB LEDs. In the case of BarCOB 4, the 15W COB LEDs make it ultra-bright and provide an outstanding coverage, making it ideal for either stage or wash applications.

The company executives were very happy with the performance of a show that was massively attended and attracted professionals from around the world.