2014-01-30 TECSHOW is presenting around the world one of its outstanding new products introduced at LDI Show 2013.

Rotomad, so innovative as light and fast.

Minutes away from the Rotomad to reach markets around the world, we wanted to share with everyone the most remarkable features of this product, destined to be in every lighting desing.

Continuous pan rotation
The Continuous pan rotation is one of the biggest innovations of the Rotomad. Thanks to it, it’s posible to pan continuously in both directions, without limitations. Now it’s possible to create more flexible and remarkable designs.

Another highlight of this moving head is the speed of its movements. Its design and size ensure a very fast reaction speed, without losing precision at any time.
As for its movements, its fluency makes it possible to generate the most diverse climates. Compact and sharp, ideal for applications where space and transportation are an issue.

High power and four-color mix
The technology and development behind the OSRAM® RGBW 15W LEDs assures a very high performance, resulting in a remarkable light output. As for the color mix, its high quality LEDs guarantee a smooth mixture of colors, resulting in true colors and hues.

Total control
The Rotomad has 5 LEDs zones, allowing the user to generate different effects and patterns. With 27 DMX channels, the user can have full control of their functions to make the most of it.

Through its lenses, the Rotomad delivers a sharp and narrow beam, which makes it’s performance stand out easily, achieving a remarkable effect. With an 8° beam angle, the Rotomad is an ideal compact luminaire for small-medium applications where the beam visibility is a must