2014-02-20 TECSHOW, presents the COB technology applied to one of the most popular fixtures in the industry: The Par Can.
ParCOB Tri hits the market with 1 COB RGB 90W LED to ensure the highest performance.

COB Technology
This new parcan LED uses the new COB LEDs (Chips on Board). These LEDs are encapsulated together as one lighting module, having the thermal advantage of better heat dissipation, as well as improved efficiency and durability. The COB technology prevents the zebra effect, evenly illuminating the entire surface.

Great Power
It is now possible to have Par Can powered by LEDs that match or even exceed in light output to the classic ones. Thanks to the power of its 90W LED, the ParCOB Tri achieves remarkable results.

Extensive Coverage
With a 60º beam angle, the ParCOB Tri can easily wash large areas without losing any intensity. Its angle, combined with its power, allows to maximize its performance in those applications where the wash surface becomes a challenge.

Color Mixture
Thanks to its RGB LED, the ParCOB Tri allows a smooth and limitless mixture. At the same time, thanks to its technology, the LED doesn’t create any distracting shadows, because of the formation of really consistent colours. Long gone are the color filters, now the ParCOB Tri makes your work more flexible and easy. Every color is possible.

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