2014-02-21 Fenix 1520MA is a self-powered stage monitor, compact and reliable for small and medium applications. Ideal for situations where portability and easy operation are a must.

We invite you to review the 5 most outstanding features of the FENIX 1520MA.

Amplification module
The Fenix 1520MA amplifier delivers an output power of 160W/8 ohms and 250W/4 ohms.
In terms of connectivity, the unit has two balanced XLR input connectors, one output and one speakon output connector, which allows the user to amplify a second passive monitor. Its main entrance also has a line/mic switcher.

Total Control
By its encoders, its control panel allows to adjust the gain of the two separate inputs as well as the high and low frequencies. In addition, the panel has a Peak indicator, which allows to monitor the performance of the unit.

Ideal Angle
The monitors angle ensures an ideal coverage for stage applications. Its design is specifically conceived so that anyone using this monitor receives the perfect sound coverage. Thus, by optimizing its coverage, the FENIX Series optimizes the performance of its components.

Solid wood construction
Thanks to the thickness of its plywood, the case of this powerful and functional stage monitor is designed to endure all kind of conditions. Its nature of mobile equipment makes it ideal for small and medium events.

Optimized Performance of high frequencies
The combination between the performance of its driver and the design of its horn
results in a clear and powerful reproduction of high frequencies. Combined with the architecture of the box, this feature highlights the monitor performance at all frequencies, including the highest ones.

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