2014-05-12 TECSHOW at the most stunning theatrical show of Argentina.

Stravaganza is an international show with its own style, covering all disciplines; dance, acrobatics, a fusion of rhythms, live music and humor.

The sophistication of the lighting and set design, combined with having 30 people on stage, the pool and the hydraulic stage that rises, rotates and disappears, and the costumes and makeup, achieve an amazing set that impresses with every single detail .

A total of 12 wash moving heads are used, 6 Neo 800 and 6 Neo 1300.
As far as spot moving yokes, there are 15 Neo 700 and 15 Neo 15R with CMY color mixture.

On the sides of the stage, there are 12 TecShow Suntec that wash the sides of the play and there are also 10 StickTriTEC that help to achieve the desired effects. The LED technology provides color uniformity, low power consumption, low heat emission and a very compact size, perfect for the show.

The stage has an amazing mobile hydraulic platform and a large sparkling pool where artists display their full potential. The tour begins in Mendoza and will continue in Neuquén, Rosario, Chaco, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata. The project will extend throughout 2014 and also has international shows in Uruguay and Paraguay .