Time Warp Argentina

Time Warp Argentina

2015-04-30 Born in Germany in 1991, Time Warp is an electronic music festival with an awsome worldwide know Djs lineup and unique settings in each edition. Tecshow and Neo took part in this years argentinian edition.

Adrian Condomi´s company was in charge of the lighting setup for this event. Their project had a central idea, create a sort of cave with life by itself. To achieve this, they hung from the roof a total of 390 PARTRITEC from Tecshow, generating an incredible lighting effect while transferring a plastic mesh fabric that was brought exclusively from Germany for this event. Each sector of the cave had its own dimmer ability and Ariel “El Gato” Ponce was the man in charge of making incredible atmospheres with its console.

Underneath that enormous mesh fabric, 12 x 13 ft. diameter circular trusses were carefully distributed. Each circle was accompanied by a stretch white cloth. Around these sections, RAYVACs from Neo together with 6 NEO PLAT 5R BEAM per truss, enlighten with different shades each circumference as well as the dance floor.

NEO PLAT 5R BEAM had an even bigger presence, being 82 the total units displayed in the event. Adrian Condmis company also used 20 NEUTRONIC strobes from Tecshow and 6 ELIPSOLED from Neo.

At the other end of the pavilion, the VIP sector – a ring risen above the public – had 48 SUNTEC washers and 36 STICKTRITEC bars, both from Tecshow.

The multisensory setup mounted by Adrian Condomi´s company captivated both the public and the organizers of Time Warp Argentina, who were really fascinated.

Dont forget to see the video made by Macaio, our exclusive dealer in Argentina.