Alfie Series: Spreading the success

Alfie Series: Spreading the success

2015-09-29 After the absolut success of the Alfie, new members are being integrated to this product family prepared for the most popular applications of the lighting industry.

Comprising 2 compact spot moving heads and a 2-in-1 fixture that combines beam and wash functions, a new intelligent lighting alternative arrives to TECSHOW.

In spot moving heads section, Alfie Spot and Mini Spot are the latest developments.

The Alfie Mini Spot makes now possible to utilize a reliable moving head in small-scale applications. Powered by a 10W CREE® LED, it sports a 12º beam angle, a color wheel with 7 dichroic filters + open and a 7 rotating gobo wheel. Compact design, high-speed and all the classic functions of a moving head.

As for the Alfie Spot, this fixture is conceived for larger-scale applications than its sidekick. Powered by a 60W LED, it sports an 18º beam angle and its design is optimized to the maximum resulting in a very fast & compact moving head. As the Alfie Mini Spot, it has a color wheel with 7 dichroic filters + open, a rotating gobo wheel with 7 gobos and a linear 0-100% dimmer. A fixture that will make you reconsider about the size/power paradigm established until today.

Last but not least, Alfie XL, arrives to propose a new alternative. Beam or Wash? Both! With an innovative design, this double-sided moving head covers two very different needs. With 4 x 15W 4-in-1 LEDs on each side, the main difference between them lies in its beam angles. While the beam side delivers a sharp beam angle of 8º, its wash side sports a 25º beam angle. Limitless tilt, smooth RGBW mix with no multicolor shadows & strobe function complete the specs of a fixture that, literally, counts for two.

New challenges, new alternatives.